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Traditional Dolls

These dolls are copies of the traditional Xhosa nation's way of dress in South Africa.

The traditional dress of the Xhosa nation evolved into these beautifully decorated outfits they wear today for very special occasions because of a need that was born many years ago.

When the early Victorian settlers arrived in South Africa the Xhosa woman and men wanted to copy the way they dressed. So they made these colorful dresses and outfits. They sewed some black tape onto their outfits and dresses to further embellish them. The Xhosa woman then decorated their dresses with beads and buttons.

They also made them long like the Victorian dresses and added a petticoat under just like the smart woman from abroad. The Xhosa woman of the time could not get their hands on any of the fancy lace the Victorian woman wore. Thus was born the beautifully beaded necklaces that are now so much part of the traditional African outfits worn today. Our Umfazi is a complete copy of the Traditional Xhosa way of dressing right down to her petticoat.

We have a sizable collection of traditional dolls to choose from:

  • Umfazi "Xhosa Woman"
  • Umfana "Xhosa Man"
  • Intombi "Xhosa Girl"
  • Inkwenkwe "Xhosa Boy"
  • Makoti "Xhosa Bride"

Photos of our Traditional dolls. Click to see larger versions.