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Bebe Babies

Creative Cape Town

Contemporary Doll

A lot has changed in African clothing in recent times. However it still contains the rich and vibrant themes of the myriad of cultures throughout the African continent.

Our dolls reflect this in every detail of their design.

We have a sizable collection of modern dolls to choose from:

  • PHUMLA - "Mother and child doll"
  • TANDI - "Beads in hair"
  • SIPHO - "Boy Doll-SA flag"
  • ZOLEKA - "Bows in hair"
  • CHOC DOLL - "Crocheted Multi colour Dress"
  • NOMSA - Girl dolls with slacks & top”
  • NANA "BABY" - "Baby Dolls –with nappy"

Photos of our Contempory dolls. Click to see larger versions.