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Welcome to Zuko Dolls

Welcome to our new website! Here you can find out everything about our dolls. The different types, who makes them and why, and, most importantly, where you can get them!

Every stitch a stitch of love! Made in Cape Town, South Africa, our dolls are unique, special and completely handmade. We use the finest materials and fabrics including 100% pure wool for the hair. Our Zuko dolls are hypoallergenic and fully washable. Zuko dolls are also safe for export. We have Traditional Xhosa dolls and an Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu doll. Apart from our Traditional Range we also have a Contemporary Range of Dolls which includes a range safe for children. There’s a dream doll to be found for adults and children alike!

E-mail for more information.

Soccer Dolls

Our very latest dolls that we are very proud of are our Zuko "Sports" Dolls. The Zuko Soccer doll is the perfect gift for any Soccer fan. If you are a sports fanatic Zuko can make you a "sports" Zuko Doll that would match your sport of choice. A special and unique gift for any loved one.